Workshop 5:

Through this workshop, we're going to encourage critical thinking in individuals and equip them with guidelines on how to recognize stereotypes, respond to them, change them... The participants will also have to challenge stereotypical attitudes in and through themselves with a respectful critical debate with others. It is important that we are aware of the meanings of stereotypes and what weight they can have in our daily life. That is why we want to encourage the participants to be more aware of the occurrence of stereotypes, both those that are hidden and those that are expressed somewhat more directly.

Ana Milošič is a 1st year master's student of Psychology. She's 22 years old and comes from Maribor. In her free time she likes to listen to music and play different instruments, as well as watch series (mostly sitcoms). She has a black cat named Zmaj. She likes to go on concerts, travel, and learn about new cultures. Professionally, she would like to pursue a career in research, particularly in the field of social psychology.

Position: Breakup with your stereotypes


pen, notebook and laptop

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