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Evening activities

Evening activities

Evening activities

Throughout the conference, there will be a new and totally different evening activity, for you to either explore Maribor or straight up have fun! So here is the line up:

Welcome party

On the first day, after a lot of traveling and getting settled in, you will be meeting each other and us, on the welcome party with a DJ and some welcome drinks.

International Dinner

In this activity the plan is to connect with other participants through food. Every country represents their own cuisine, that can be tasted by everyone. Later there is also a cultural dance show, where we present you the national dances of Slovenia.

Torch walk

After a bunch of indor activities, we take you on a short hike around Maribor, where we visit one of the nearby hills, called Called Piramida hill, while also carrying torches.

Game night

In the most layed back activity possible, we have a game night, with a lot of board games, popcorn and fun.

Theme party

After the Slovenia tour, we have a theme party. What is the theme? Well it’s different every year, but last time it was a Graphic party, where we wore white shirts and wrote our names on each others shirts.

Quiz night

In this activity, we get trivial. We set up a short and fun quiz for the participants, where the winners also get a lovely prize.

Gala dinner

The last evening activity has to be something special, and special, it is. The plan is, that everybody dress up in fancy suits and dresses. When we are all gathered and fancy, we first have a short presentation to end the conference, followed by an amazing dinner, and of course, a party after it.

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