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Slovenia and Maribor

Slovenia and Maribor

Slovenia and Maribor


Slovenia is a central European country that shares borders with Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy.

With its 20.256 km2 Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, a good half of the country is overgrown with forests which put it quite high among other countries on this scale. Its geographial position between the Alps, Pannonian lowlands, Dinarsko mountains and Mediterranean, creates a countryside with a hundred and one face and allows for adventure in the mountains, lowlands and seaside at all times in a matter of hours. The small size of the country corresponds also with the length of its seashore; we have 46 km in all, consequently Slovenia’s two million inhabitants are proud and happy to share it with its visitors. Slovenia also represents a crossroad of numerous languages that were used here during history. So it is not by chance that linguists in Slovenia have discovered more than 40 dialects and a lot of different cultures in this small place. Consequently, we can say that Slovenia is not only very small but also a really diverse and beautiful country worth seeing. If you want to read more about Slovenia’s diversity and its beauties, check the official site at:

This small city, embraced by rural surroundings, certainly contributes to making you feel well. You can also see us rambling over the wine-growing hills; these rise, so to speak, from the centre of the city where we also have the oldest vine in the world, the symbol of our wine culture. Perhaps this is the reason we like to drink wine. And if in a pub you pay a round – then we will take great pleasure in showing you the secrets of Maribor. We love Mariborčan, our wine. And we also love beer – if you want to please us then just mention that there is no beer like Laško beer, and that it can’t possibly be compared with Ljubljana’s Union beer! Ah, that “fighting” between Ljubljana and Maribor is already so historical. Also in football! If you meet a crowd of people wrapped in violet-coloured ribbons and scarves don’t think it is our latest fashion! Those are loyal football fans! Such are we “those Mariborians”!

During the last decade, we have become even more persistent, as we had to replace our once strong industry with new activities. Numerous Mariborians, who achieved exceptional achievements, also world fame, are proof that there is great hidden potential in us, which we try to use to our advantage. Will power and also self-will is not lacking! And this is what we are renowned for – what we desire we also achieve!

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Maribor is the second biggest Slovene city and it is also economical, cultural, scientific, congress and tourist centre of northeast Slovenia. It is also a traffic centre, as it is on the crossroads from west to east and southern Europe, just 11 km from the Austrian border. It has a continental position at 275 metres above sea level lying between Pohorje, Slovene hills and Kozjak on the gravel terraces of the River Drava. Or more simply said: it lies in the green embrace of Pohorje and the wine-growing hills along the River Drava.

Mariborians are happy people, happy Štajerci. The capital of Štajerska region is one of the sunniest places in Slovenia! As the second-largest Slovene city, it offers all that its citizens need. The green surroundings allow for a quick hop to the top of Pohorje on the one side and wine-growing hills on the other, or one can roam down by the River Drava, which wends its way through the city.

Places to see

Pohorje: Pohorje is a mountain range in northern Slovenia, near the towns of Dravograd and Maribor. Made of metamorphic rock, it is geologically part of the Central Eastern Alps, though due to its location south of the Drava River it is commonly regarded as a Southern Limestone Alps range.

Old Wine: The old Vine is a temple of wine tradition and culture of Maribor, Štajerska and Slovenia, a house that represents the history and significance of the Old Vine, culture and long tradition of viticulture and the wine trade in our region.

Maribor’s island: The island Mariborski otok, a unique type of river island in Slovenia, lies in the immediate vicinity of Kamnica settlement, which from the centre of Maribor, in the direction of Koroška, is about five kilometres. The island can be reached by setting off along the nice paths along the river Drava. The island itself is a lively recreation spot.

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