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Afternoon activities

Afternoon activities

Afternoon activities

City Rally

This activity includes exploring the city, our participants stay in – Maribor. We put our participants in different groups and with the help of the map, you can find every beautiful spot in Maribor, and you also cannot forget to take a selife.

Slovenian language course

In this activity we teach our participants some of most common slovenian words. During this course you also learn about our culture. In the end we film a short video, which includes our participants saying their favourite things, activities in our – Slovenian language.

Pohorje tour

Afternoon activities also include a tour of our most beautiful spot in Maribor – Mariborsko Pohorje. The view is amazing and you can also see the whole city from it.

Wine tasting

Slovenian people like to drink wine, so we want our participants to taste a part of our culture. We will take you to breathtaking wine region in eastern Slovenia to a famous wine cellar, where you will get a chance to taste some of our best wines with an amazing view.

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