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Excursion around Slovenia

Excursion around Slovenia

Excursion Around Slovenia

Spending time at a conference

Spending time at a conference doesn’t mean only hard work and learning. During SCiM, you will have two days off to enjoy and admire Slovenia’s natural beauty and wonders. That’s right; we are taking you on an excursion. Its main purpose is to take some time off away from lectures and other activities and get to know other parts of Slovenia and its beauty.

Slovenia has a lot to offer

Slovenia has a lot to offer and we will try to see as much as possible in such a short time. One of our destinations will be Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia. Together we will explore the city centre and later enjoy the view from the castle on the hill. We will have the chance to see the Predjamski grad, which stands strong for well over 800 years. You will have a chance to take a swim in the Adriatic sea during the visit to the Slovenian seaside. There we will be discovering Piran, the old city with rich architecture, cute, small alleys and amazing views. Another must-see for all visitors is Bled. A small town with the astonishing landscape, known mostly for its lake and an island in the middle of it. You can take a swim in the lake, take a boat ride to the church on the island or simply adore the view of the surrounding mountains with magnificent Bled Castle in the very near.

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