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About SCiM

About SCiM

SCiM Student Conference in Maribor

Student Conference in Maribor (SCiM) is an international student conference, which is held every year in Maribor, Slovenia. Each year more than 50 students from all around the world gather at this 10-day event to not only attend different lectures and workshops where they debate about important issues of the society and youth and express their opinion through the critical point of view, but also take part in other activities of the conference.

The main purpose of the conference

The main purpose of the conference is to unite students from different countries in one place, where they have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and make contacts with university professors and acknowledged professionals from different fields. Besides main workshops and keynotes, students also have the opportunity to experience the city of Maribor through different activities, explore Slovenia on a two-day excursion and establish new friendships.

The first SCiM was organized in 1996

The first SCiM was organized in 1996. Since then we have been discussing different topics that were provocative and interesting, solving problems concerning nationalism, student mobility, student national policies, we had lectures about the integration of higher education, the future of Europe, public access to education, employment and unemployment.

During SCiM, participants stay in student dormitories and have 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). We cover accommodation, food, organization… The participants need to cover the expenses of their trip to the city of Maribor and need to pay a participation fee for other activities.

This year’s theme is...

Level up!

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