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How to get to Maribor

How to get to Maribor

How To Get To Maribor

Travel by plane:

Maribor airport is located in Slivnica, just a few kilometers out of Maribor. It doesn’t have regular international flight and is mostly used for charter flights.

Ljubljana airport (Jože Pučnik airport) is more frequently used and has regular international flights as well as good connections with other European cities. It is around 100km away from Maribor. We recommend going to Ljubljana first and then catching a train or a bus to Maribor.

Graz airport is located in Austria and is around 65km away from Maribor. There are regular busses with which you can get to the city of Graz, and there you can catch a bus to Maribor.

Klagenfurt airport is also located in Austria, around 130km away from Maribor. There are good bus and train connections to the city of Klagenfurt from where you can easily catch a train or bus to Maribor.

Zagreb airport is located in Croatia and is located about 120km away from Maribor. It has good international connections and cheap flights. It’s also very easy to get to Maribor from there by using the bus.

Budapest airport is located in Hungary and is around 340km away from Maribor. However, it has a lot of international connections as well as cheap flight. You can easily get to Maribor from there by train or bus.

When searching for your tickets we recommend you check:

Travel with train:

You can travel to Maribor on different international trains. Also, if you arrive to Ljubljana, you can easily catch a train to Maribor. There are connections available with Zagreb (Croatia), Rijeka (Croatia), Graz (Austria), and Vienna (Austria). On some lines, it is necessary to change trains in Ljubljana or Zidani Most. Nearby Pragersko, which has good train connections to Maribor, also enables fast train connections with Budapest (H) and Venice(I).
We recommend visiting the website of Slovene Railways to find out more about train tickets. Also, it is very useful to check out Trainline as they offer a variety of international train tickets.

Travel by bus:

Maribor has really good bus connections with other European cities. Busses to and from Zagreb (Croatia) are fairly regular, there are also good connections to Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany etc.
Maribor is also connected to other towns in Slovenia by bus, but we recommend taking a train as it is often cheaper and trains are more frequent.
For more information about bus travels, we recommend checking out the website of Ljubljana Bus station, Maribor Bus station and FlixBus website.

Travel by car:

Maribor has really good road connections with all the neighboring countries, as well as with other cities in Slovenia (e.g., ride from Ljubljana to Maribor is a bit over one hour). You can also travel from Croatia, Hungary, Austria or Italy. Make sure you check possible costs and tolls beforehand, in Slovenia it is mandatory to have a vignette if you wish to use the motorways. More information about that is available on this website, where you can also buy a vignette.

We wish you a pleasant and safe trip to Maribor!

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