Workshop 4:

Our workshop will hold the name; »How to become a master of relationships« and it is going to be oriented in a useful and comprehensible manner. During the set of 5 workshops, we will learn what relationships are, how they are formed, what types of relationships we know. Later, we will focus on the topics of romantic relationships and conflicts, where we will share a lot of practical advice with the participants and dispel some myths and beliefs. In the end, we will round it all off with a topic that is not talked about enough these days, namely with a workshop where we will talk about our attitude towards ourselves. You need a laptop for this workshop.

Amadeja Jelen is a 3rd-year student of psychology in Maribor, but otherwise she comes from the Savinjska region, where she am also an active member of their local student club. She likes working with people, trying new things and traveling. She also enjoys nature walks and relaxed evenings with friends while listening to good music. She loves chocolate and anything related to it. Aja Molan is a 3rd year psychology student, and she's coming from Posavije. She is actively involved in music, in her free time she enjoys exploring new places and cuisines, but most of all, she values relaxed moments with her favorite people. Kaja is a psychology student, a big cat lover, that enjoys watching a good movie, running, nature walks and discovering new places. She likes long conversations and gatherings, especially if accompanied by Yugorock music.

Position: How to become a master of relationships!


Notebook and pen

Welcome to Booth.

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