Workshop 4:

Hi, I'm Mubera, enthusiastic psychology student at the University of Maribor. I'm always opened to learning opportunities, especially if it’s something connected to psychology and personal growth! Together, we will learn how to become better at five core communication skills, so that no one ever tells you: »What are you talking about?«.

Have you ever wanted to say no, but you didn't know how? Or have you ever wanted to appear more confident while talking? Do you wish to be better at convincing or telling people what you want and what not? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are more than ready for your journey of improving your core communication skills! Better communication skills are helpful, no matter whether you are in school, at a party or on your job interview. My workshop will help you improve your communication skills while having fun. In five days of workshop, we will learn more about: 1. Nonverbal communication – and how to use it 2. Persuasion and the art of asking questions – becoming better at convincing and asking relevant questions 3. Active listening – finding a holy grail of good communication 4. Asertivness – how to communicate your thoughts, feelings…

Worshop: What are you talking about?


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