Workshop 3:

The Art it out workshop series offers a unique and powerful approach to addressing uncertainty and challenges of the modern world, finding yourself, and dealing with stress by using art and experimental learning to foster personal growth and build connections with others. Through a series of guided activities and exercises, participants will explore different aspects of relationships, emotions, and communication, gaining practical tools and insights for navigating the complexities of the modern world. And on the side, participants will learn about some of the most important artists in art history, adding a deeper layer of meaning to their creative explorations.

Kristina, a driven second-year Masters student in Sociology and Pedagogy, dedicated to designing and leading workshops that help young people develop crucial social skills. She has cultivated an extensive skill set, guiding young people through their transition to adulthood, improving communication and critical thinking. Her training and seminars abroad have equipped her with fresh ideas and games, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to her workshops.
Anja is a passionate second-year Masters student in Art History and Pedagogy who has spent the last five years as a guide in a national art gallery, dedicating herself to interpreting and contextualizing, with emotion, art pieces for visitors. She conducts art workshops for schools where she teaches different ways of expressing yourself through art, and her aim is to make art accessible to everyone. Attendees of Anja's workshops can expect an informative and inspirational experience.

Position: Art it out!



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