Workshop 3:

Tilen T. Žafran, entrepreneurial spirit with a diverse journey: from running a dental practice to steering a digital marketing and website design agency, and now, immersed in sustainable development. My passion lies in refining products and services for a lower environmental impact and aligning business strategies with principles of sustainable development.

Ever thought that a traditional car running on petrol might be less harmful to our planet than an electric one? Or doubted if businesses are honest about their impact on the environment? Then this workshop is for you, we will settle the debate, the holistic way. During the workshop we will unravel the core principles of the three pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Social, and Governance. And delve into understanding how to evaluate a product's life cycle - from the extraction of natural resources, through manufacturing and transportation, to their use and eventual disposal or recycling. Before you say »Oh God, another academical workshop«, remember that theory will take you only so far. After a brief introduction, we'll venture into practical problem-solving. You'll get your hands on actual industry tools and collaborate to calculate the environmental impact of a product the group chooses (maybe doughnuts or coffee?). By the end of the workshop, you will gain an understanding of sustainable development, learn the basics of Life Cycle Assessment. Did you know

Worshop: Sustainable development with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


[1] A laptop or tablet.

[2] Love for doughnuts and coffee.

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