Workshop 1:

My name is Laura and I'm a 2nd year master's student of Psychology in Maribor. I come from the Prekmurje region and I'm passionate about science communication, literature, history and learning new languages. I enjoy writing prose and in 2023, I published my first novel. In the future, I hope to work in the field of social psychology.

Can you spot fake news when you see it? In this workshop, we will learn what fake news is and how it is made. By looking at examples of fake news, we will study the different types of misinformation and disinformation. Delving into the psychology behind fake news, we will gain an understanding of why people tend to believe it. Examining how fake news is spread, we will also highlight the roles of social media and deepfakes. Finally, with taking a look at the consequences disinformation can have, we will highlight the risks it poses for the future, and learn how we can combat it. We will even try our hand at creating (a parody of) fake news, to gain a practical understanding of how it is generated and spread.

Worshop: Breaking (fake) news!



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